Friday, October 21, 2011

Baby Nicole is 5 months old ~

Nicole is 5 months old now.

She starts learning crawling we believe.
When we put her down on bed, she likes to roll over to her tummy position, all the time. She can move herself to left and right, sometimes 180 degree, like a clock, when she wants to reach out of her toys or us;
and she also likes to move backward using her hand.

Now she's trying to lift up her bottom to move forward. Vic said baby Nicole knows how to pose downward facing dog position,

Hehe, my yoga baby :D

** **

BB also start holding her own bottle when we feed her.
Normally she stops drinking when there is 1 ounce of milk left in the bottle.

Few days ago I let her hold the bottle herself, and she can do it pretty well and continue drinking the remaining.

Now I'll just let her play with the milk bottle at the end of feeding.
Sometimes she pokes the nipple wrongly to her nose, and sometimes she spills milk all over the place, or even drop the bottle, but that doesn't matter at all.

I like to see her playing while learning new skills everyday ~

** **

Suddenly wondered why I have such a good mood this morning, then realized it's because of my little baby :)

She always have very good mood in morning, and I really enjoy the our time together every morning (if I don't need to rush to work for meeting).
She likes to play herself in her cot, turn around, play and messing up with her toys, calling us to hug her...

Sometimes I'll put her with us on our bed. She likes to turn and trying to touch my nose. When she did finally, she will give me a big sweet smile :)

Today, I can hear her baby talk to me:
"al.... faaaa",
"umm... pah",
"ah... maa",
"pa.. pa"...

My sweetie, when can I hear you calling me "mommy"? :)

Thursday, October 13, 2011


有一个爱家的先生,一个可爱的女儿,一份还不错的工作, I can't ask for more.