Friday, January 14, 2011

Kicking Hard

Baby is kicking hard recently… can really feel it now; it can be anytime, anyway. But when her daddy wanna listen to her, she’ll just keep quiet most of time, maybe she’s still shy to play to daddy yet… :)

Time flies… it’s already 6 months+. Once a while, I still can’t believe that I’ll be a mother very very soon. This is a little bit of surprise to both of us, but we are both happy about this sweet little surprise. Still remember when my monthly was late that time for 1-2 weeks, I already suspected about it. I could feel something is changing in my body, it’s just some kind of woman’s sixth sense, can’t explain it. The result from tester showed that my sixth sense is accurate ^^

I don’t know how I went through the first trimester. That’s was the toughest time for most preggies. I got tired easily that time, no mood to do anything, except sleep. No more facebook, no more shopping, no more chatting with friends, I had no energy to think of any other stuffs, my life was just eat, work and sleep, nothing else. I’m glad that finally I went through that time safely, and 2nd trimester was the most comfortable time. Finally I was back to normal, and I can start dressing up nicer, shopping for Christmas, plan for Christmas dinner in our apartment, and even went for a trip to Singapore and Sentosa!

Now it’s the start of 3rd trimester. Stomach getting bigger and bigger, and it’s now time to start buying all necessities to welcome the new family members. Shopping time again, and I really like to see those little clothes and little mitten, so cute ~~ Anyway, having a baby is expensive…

Having someone in your body is really an amazing experience, I just wish I can stay happy and optimistic most of time, so it can pass down to her and make her a happy baby next time :)



Saturday, January 01, 2011


1.1.11,又是新的一年了,祝大家新年快乐,Happy New Year 2011

昨天晚上,在Vic 家放天灯庆祝新的一年的降临。第一次放天灯,紧张又好玩。尤其害怕不小心烧到邻居家造成火灾。还好昨晚天气非常好,无风少云,最适合放天灯了。我们买了三个,各自在灯上写下自己的愿望。大家一起合作扶着天灯,点上烛火,等热气灌满整个天灯后,让它慢慢飘起,越来越高。。。闭上眼睛,再次许下愿望,希望全家人身体健康,平安喜乐。。。

一月一号早上,每年Vic 家的例常活动就是参加吉隆坡台湾学校的庆祝活动,主要是到那儿去吃吃正统的台湾食物如牛肉面,鲁肉饭,炸鸡排等。


Wishing 2011 a much better year for everyone ~~

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