Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Our Cooking

Some of our cooking after we moved into the apartment... feeling hungry now after looking at these pictures.. :)
I enjoy cooking and try out new recipe when I'm free, but a lot of time I'm lazy to cook too :P
Well, these are all simple home cook food only, there are still lots to learn for me.
Thanks fei for cooking for me while I was tired from work :)

Kuey Teow Teng 果条汤




French Toast with honey





Baked salmon with mushroom carbonara pasta











Tuesday, November 30, 2010



Just discovered a blog of a colleague. She's a technical lead in our team, married mother with 2 kids, just 2-3 years older then me. When I first saw her, she looks like a "little women", 小女人. After I started working under her temporary recently, I was amazed by her technical knowledge. She's very sharp and fast. I feel comfortable working with her because she's also a very helpful lead. And from her blog, I discovered that she's not only good in her work, but she's also a very good wife and mother. She can cook, bake, and even make new dresses for her little daughters. Wow, to me, she's an amazing super mother, and definitely my role model. who can balanced herself well between work and family.

After reading her blog, I'm thinking to resume blogging again. Nothing much, just to keep a diary or memory about my life....

Time flies... it's going to be end of year 2010 very very soon and this is how I walked thru it...

1) After staying 7 years in Penang, I finally moved to KL to stay with Vic and his family.
2) Resigned from Intel, my very first job after graduation, left behind a lot of sweet memories and friends there...
3) Got a new job in KL, changed my field, and restart my career!
4) Dream come true.... backpacking trip to Europe, visited 6 countries, 10 cities and couchsurf-ed with 6 different hosts.
5) Finally moved to our home sweet home, after spending endless time buying furniture and decorating our little apartment.
6) Family trip to Bali
7) and a little sweet surprise awaiting me after I came back from the trip.... :)

Overall, a year full of surprise and changes, I finally moved my butt from comfort zone and marching towards a better (I hope) future. I think I'm adapting well to it (so far), with the full support from him...

There are lots more stories to tell.... and I hope I have the patient to write them down....

p/s: and for my travel blog (Canada and Europe), it's in my facebook, but both are not completed yet... :|